Patios & Driveways

We operate in Thetford, Brandon, Bury St Edmunds as well as Mildenhall, Lakenheath, Watton and surrounding areas with the very latest equipment to ensure the best possible results when cleaning your driveway or Patio.




These are very often brick paved and we all know just how time consuming to keep clean and tidy these can be.  But now with our superfast machinery we can do the job not only quicker than you might imagine but also at a very competitive price and we'll be pleased to come along to give you a no-obligation quote.  Driveway cleaning is split into three separate tasks:

  1. We powerwash the driveway to remove all the build up of dirt and weeds that form in between the brickweave and to get the paviours sparkling clean and that includes oil stains as well.
  2. Because power washing removes much of the sand in between the brick paviours we re-sand the whole driveway.  this ensures the bricks remain firmly in place as they were before the job commenced.
  3. We reseal the whole driveway with a resin product that will inhibit future weed growth for up to three years. (optional)

You now have a driveway that will enhance your property and be a joy to look at for years to come.

Oil stains will be removed and once sealed will come off very much easier in future.





The process can be very similar to that of Driveways but patio slabs are often larger slabs and often have mortar in between in which case resanding and sealing may not be necessary - we can advise on this so just ask for a quotation and be assured we won't try to sell you anything you don't need.